Angelstow is a container vessel stowage tool and a software platform for container liner operations. Its development was initiatied during the Baystow project, funded by Ange Optimization, The Danish Maritime Fund and Maersk Line.

Development of the open source components of the system and the on-line converters is being financed by the industry through sponsorships.

The benefits of Angelstow are

  • better roundtrip overview

  • better stowage decisions

  • seemless stowage operation

  • interoperability with neighboring functions

leading to

  • more efficient stowage planners

  • better utilization of the vessels

  • shorter port stays

  • fewer shiftings

Open Source

Angelstow is provided as free software under the GPL license.


Angelstow provides the planner with an overview of the key features of the stowage e.g. crane split, vessel stress, stability and lashing figures (and more) for multiple calls.

Cranesplit diagram of multiple calls

Multiple call scanplan and graphs

By simultaneously visualizing multiple calls, the future impact of decisions made in one call can be visually assessed. This is enabled by the global scan plan editor, a swiftly zoomable and scrollable canvas showing all the calls in the rotation.

Master planning

Stowing a vessel slot by slot is a tedious and time consuming task. With Angelstow’s commercial Master Planning module it is possible to stow the vessel at a high-level - typically at a hatch level-of-detail - and let the computer handle the exact placement of each container.

In this way, hundreds or thousands of containers can swiftly be rearranged, drastically easing the task to optimize the vessel with respect to all the different objectives.

Master planning makes the planning more effective, since the planner only focuses on compartment level instead of slot level. The detailed decisions are made by the software according to business rules

Version 0.0.3. 2014-12-11